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Monday, April 12, 2010


Blogging and seminary just don't seem to work together. But upon request of of a good friend (Lindsey) "we need to work on that".

So heres an update on our life...

Tim's job is going great. We realize that no matter what our bank account says, we have yet to miss a bill payment. Just goes to show you that when God says "go", He will provide a way. If we pray, we have no reason to doubt Him. Has He ever given us a reason to?? How wonderful and faithful is the God we serve!

School is good. It requires so much more work than we ever anticipated. Some days are literally spent reading and writing from the moment we get up to the moment we lay down. It is so nice to both share in this responsibility. Not only are we able to keep eachother accountable, but we are able to share in this struggle to learn and grow.

We recently changed our degree program. Now we are both in ICP 2+2 program. In which we will receive our Master of Divinity through two years in America and then two years serving overseas. Because we are both in school, it will take us around 4 years over here, and then two years on the field. As most of you know, this is what we were planning on doing after we graduate anyway. This way will make it somewhat easier to get overseas. We are so excited about this opportunity and can't wait to see what the Lord has in store for us!

We have recently been attending a Faith Baptist, and can really see ourselves as members there one day. This is really exciting, because we were having such a hard time without a church family. The church is not at all what we would have expected that we would love, but God has really been placing a peace and joy in our hearts about it. There is a great opportunity to serve, and we hope we will be able to become more involved.

Recently our days are spent reading, writing, studying, (For Tim, work), inventing new recipes to cook, spending time outside in this wonderful spring weather, hangin out with old and new friends, and most days we'll have some down time for netflex movies!