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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

mi furst bloog

So this is pretty cool. My first blog. Candi has blogged before so i think i might be a little more excited about this than her. All of you get to see what i have been up to recently....lucky you... So we recently moved out to the corner...moncks corner for you not hip people...which is everyone but from now on i will not use the hip language that i am so familiar with....jk. So moncks corner is cool. everything seems closer to our house than to our old apartment. i can ride the bike to the grocery store, blockbuster, chinese, etc. I also like the small town feel. pretty what else can i say to enrich your lives?????


me and candi's brother andrew are on the third campaign so far. Other than and candi have started working out. i definately need to shed some wedding weight....fatty mcfaterstein. Also i recorded some demos of some original songs and will hopefully finish the real recordings by the end of this summer....we'll all are lucky to have such an awesome friend like me...unless your my enemy....then i will probably destroy you when we meet...nothing personal suck face.

New to blogging!

Everyone else was doing it! Figured we needed to jump on the bandwagon! Mostly it will be Candi writing....Tim stinks at keeping up with these types of things. :-p