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Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Wow no one ever told us how much you learn about yourselves in seminary. It is like everyday brings a new light on a subject. College changes you as a person, but seminary is helping us form who we are in Christ. What is my role as a (husband/wife) (student, church member, worker)? Why do I believe the things I have always believed? Am I really a teachable spirit...or do I just hold on to what I know?

We find ourselves sitting in our car, staying up late, or simply stopping where we are to have a serious conversation with one another. Granted we have always been talkers, but now it seems as though we can't get enough.

Oh how exhausting! Even during our times of rest, our brains are still moving at lightning speed! Seminary was a wonderful decision...but we're thankful there is an end in sight. I'm sure by the end of our time here, we will be bursting at the seems to put what we have learned into action.

Lord, even though You have put us in a place of learning, help us not neglect the work that needs to be done today. Give us Your eyes to see the hurt and lost around our sphere of influence today. Give us Your heart for these people. Give us Your hands to help them. And Lord, one day soon, give us Your feet to go to the places where Your love needs to be preached!