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Friday, July 10, 2009


Life is so weird. Most of us don't have that bright light Paul moment. You know, the moment where everything makes sense, and our calling is as clear as the blue sky. But we do know our passions. We know what we love doing. And we use those to the best of our ability to serve our Lord.

That said, my passion is definetly not in an office. Not in front of a computer. And not sitting on my butt all day. Its not that I hate it, it just doesn't feel right. I love culture, I love missions, and I love people. None of my gifts are being used.

I started thinking. I wonder how many people have such great passions, but are stuck in this work world. Tim and I are examples of this.

Anyone who lives on this planet, has to make money. Tim and I are so blessed to have two full time jobs right now. We don't have alot of expenses, so we are able to save a good bit. How do you give up something so safe? Both of us feel so tired from working jobs we don't enjoy.

We don't hate our lives, by any means. We try to see the best in everything. But I can see how this isn't what God has in store for us. God doesn't want us to work just because we feel we have to. He gave us all unique talents and gifts, and He wants them to be used.

How awesome of a world would that be if everyone worked the job that they are "called" to do...that they love doing! I want to encourage you to use the gifts and talents God has given you, because the safest place to be is in God's will.