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Friday, June 26, 2009

Tonsils = Death

Sorry about not writting. I (Candi) had my tonsils removed about 3 weeks ago. Many of you are thinking "Oh ok minor surgery". AHEM do not let this fool you!
As you have noticed, I said THREE WEEKS AGO! Currently, my throat is STILL hurting. Although it is a bazillion times better.

Since I'm at work and have nothing to do besides answer phone crazy phone calls...I will lay out my whole surgery experience.

Day of Surgery:
No eating...and my surgery was scheduled for 5 in the afternoon. My doctor had 18 other surgeries before mine!!! My surgery ended up being at 8:00pm!

After Surgery:
I was so drugged. And it felt so good. The nurse aparently thought I was the happiest patient she'd ever had. I kept asking them for more pink popsicles. It hurt but I was so drugged that it was too hard to focus on the pain that night.

Week 1:
No talking. (Mom bought me a dry erase board) Lived on mashed potatoes, soup, and popsicles. I found out that I was allergic to the codine, so I had to take benedryl with it. Slept pretty much the entire week. Woke up every 2 hours for more medicine.

Apparently when I am sick, I only like to watch cartoons and kid movies. So I pretty much watched every Disney movie ever made. I literally watched around 6 movies A DAY!

Week 2:
Bleeding, vomiting, constant nausa, no sleeping, and soooo much pain. Poor Tim, I doubt he slept much this week also.

Week 3:
I'm off my medicine and back at work. Which had some interesting side affects. The medicine I was taking apparently stopped me up. I didn't poop for two that I'm off my medicine......well, you can imagine.
Also my sleeping patterns were off, so it took a while to get hang of actually sleeping through the night.

I'm currently 99% better. I'm sleeping, pooping, and eating. My throat only hurts when I sneeze or yawn.

Thought I would inform you of the process, in case anyone else has to go through this death procedure as an adult.

From what I hear, it'll be worth it!